Hope Vol. 1 Comic Book (English)

Approximately 40,000 printed copies of this comic book have been distributed in Tulare and Kings counties, as well as shared with partners across the globe! Our comic book is now available for free digital download. You are welcome to share your download with others to help spread our message of hope.

This comic was made possible through funding provided by California’s Proposition 63: the Mental Health Services Act, and the support of numerous volunteers, community organizations, community volunteers, numerous local government officials including the administration of the Tulare County Health & Human Services Agency, the Tulare County Mental Health Board, the Tulare County Board of Supervisors, Kings County Behavioral Health, Kings County Behavioral Health Board, and the Kings County Board of Supervisors. This funding was made possible by California voters, and designation of funding for suicide prevention by concerned community members in Tulare and Kings counties.

The Tulare & Kings Counties Suicide Prevention Task Force (SPTF) functions as a multi-disciplinary collaborative, combining representatives from government, education, community-based service providers, and community members. Training, activities and education are provided throughout our community. Our endeavors increase awareness of the signs and symptoms of suicide risk, increase access to prevention and early intervention materials, enhance the ability of professionals in our community to provide effective treatment, and ultimately save the lives of those members of our community who are vulnerable and at risk for suicide.

A primary responsibility of the SPTF is the development of outreach and marketing endeavors to increase awareness that suicide is a public health problem that is preventable. It is the sincere hope of the SPTF that this comic reach the hands of a person either struggling with thoughts of suicide, or someone near that person who is then able to get connected with the resources and information that will help to save a life.