We strive to foster the hope of a suicide free Tulare County through education, empowerment and innovation. One of the ways we seek to accomplish this vision is by working with local news agencies, social media personalities, and others reporting on topics relating to suicide. We strive to be available, provide accurate and timely data and information, and serve as a resource to those who wish to report.


Recommendations for Reporting on Suicides

One of the main resources for reporters is the national Recommendations for Reporting on Suicide. This document was generated by a broad coalition of experts in the field of suicide. Studies have demonstrated that uninformed reported can contribute to additional suicide attempts and completions. This 2-page document serves to provide recommendations to safely report on these incidents, provides resources to include in articles, and contains tips on what to avoid.


SPTF Media Guidelines

This document contains helpful guidelines to our task force members should they be asked to provide information to any media outlet relating to our work, suicide deaths, completions, or similar stories. This document may be used by those in media to know what to expect from contact with our membership and the kinds of assistance we should provide while you build your stories.


Op Ed - Parenting a LGBTQ Youth

This is an example editorial piece written by William VanLandingham, our LGBTQ Voting Member. You are welcome to utilize and publish this editorial, and we will make additional editorials available in the future. You are welcome to request or make recommendations for editorial topics. You can do so by clicking here and sending us a request email.