National LOSS Team Conference

On October 8 & 9, 2019, Tulare County is hosting the National LOSS Team Conference. The conference venue is currently the Visalia Convention Center. Our planning is underway, and we are striving to develop a solid conference experience. 

The conference will focus on advancing postvention efforts. Postvention takes place in the aftermath of a suicide. These responses can take many forms, on a spectrum from active postvention to delayed responses. Efforts can be housed within a governmental entity, a school system, within a private organization such as a hospice or mental/behavioral health provider, or through the diligence of a few community members.

Active postvention responses take place immediately following the discovery of a decedent and seek to provide services, support, and linkage as promptly as possible. Delayed responses can take place days, weeks, months, or years after a loss and seek to provide the bereaved with supports and information to help them, wherever they are in their healing journey.

Often, no response takes place in a community. This can lead to feelings of isolation, guilt, and shame as the bereaved attempt to find a path forward. Fortunate communities have resources such as peer support groups. The bereaved can struggle for long periods of time before seeking or receiving help.

The LOSS Team model seeks to reduce delays in healing by offering resources and supports as immediately as possible following a suicide. This includes seasoned teams, newly created teams, and information and resources for those who wish to learn more about the LOSS Team model and possible implementation.

Learn more about LOSS Teams by visiting Dr. Frank Campbell's website:


Potential Conference Tracks

1) New/existing LOSS Teams
2) Loss Survivors
3) Attempt Survivors/Lived Experience
4) First Responders, including LEA/Coroner/Veterans and Active Military
5) Family Members & Supports (NAMI)
6) Schools/Education - Christina Agda
7) Spirituality

Task Areas
1) Advertising/Communication - Mike Steck and Susanne Mendoza
2) Volunteer Coordination
3) Attendee Coordination - Lety Rodriguez
4) Presenter Coordination
5) Technology
6) Finances - Christopher Glidden
7) Venue Logistics - Jan Winslow & Vanessa Avitia

Additional Potential Activities
1) Kids/Family Camp (2020?) - survey 2019 attendees for interest/support
2) Screening at Exhibit Hall (or the Fox) - S Word, Slick Rock
3) Paint Night
4) Self-Care