We will be relying on volunteers to help make our conference successful. Below are the various types of volunteers that we need. Volunteers are needed for different blocks of time throughout the conference, and you're welcome to volunteer in more than one role and time slot throughout the conference. Volunteers will receive reduced or free conference attendance, including lunch.

Please utilize the link located below the volunteer information to visit the Kings United Way website to register as a volunteer.

Volunteer Roles


Registration / Check-in

Volunteers are especially needed on the first day to get everyone checked in or registered and on their way to enjoying the conference.

These volunteers should have strong communication skills and be ready to smile early in the morning.

Volunteers should arrive by 6:45 a.m. to get assignments and be briefed on the process.

Registration and Check-in will run from 7:30 a.m. to  8:15 a.m.

Volunteers will stay till 8:30 a.m. to assist attendees who are running late and to clean up the registration area.


Room Volunteers

You'll assist in one of a variety of break-out rooms, helping the day go smoothly. You'll greet and introduce those presenting in your assigned room, welcome attendees, ensure all elements of the room are operational, and tend to any emerging needs. You'll be assisted and supported by the Room Runners so that any of your support or logistics needs are met promptly.


Room Runners

Volunteers designated as Room Runners will be stationed near different break-out rooms around the Visalia Convention Center.

Your job will be to assist the Room Volunteers and associated speakers and presenters with set-up and other logistics if any technical difficulties or issues arise that Room Volunteers need support with. You will be responsible for relaying information and/or resolving the issues between rooms and LOSS Conference staff.

It helps if the volunteers are good with technology, but it's not required.


Green Room

You'll be stationed in our event Green Room and/or logistics room helping presenters get ready and to their presentation area on time. You'll also help support the Room Runners with any needs, such as a replacement projector, laptop, pens, paper, tissues, or other needs so that they can return to the Room Volunteers with these items and ensure a successful conference experience.


Undesignated Volunteers

Undesignated volunteers will be walking around the convention center helping people get where they need to go, stepping in when an unexpected need arises, and filling in for any other volunteers who need support or assistance. Be ready to be on your feet a lot—wear comfortable shoes, as your feet will help our conference sprint down the path of hope!