Day 1 Morning Keynote: Crisis Interventions with Suicidal Individuals


Kevin R. Briggs


Kevin Briggs will speak about his personal experiences with depression and as a California Highway Patrol officer who for many years patrolled the Golden Gate Bridge, the most utilized site in the United States for loss of life to suicide. While on patrol, he encountered numerous individuals clinging to life by a thread—individuals who had lost hope and could see no way out of their current situation, and who were ready to jump off the bridge in hopes of ending their pain and hopelessness. Briggs encouraged more than 200 individuals over his career to either not go over the bridge’s rail or to come back to solid ground from their precarious perch on the bridge’s chord in order to start a new chapter in their lives. Training will include didactic presentation, video presentation, videos, and possible role play for participants.

Learning objectives

  1. Specific communications/actions with subject contemplating suicide (what worked and what did not).
  2. Determine courses of action based upon possibly suicidal subject’s mannerisms.
  3. Quality of Life: Understanding how our own quality of life and that of our families can be affected by our work.
  4. Understanding myths surrounding suicide and how they can have a direct impact on an individual’s life.